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99 CVC Phonic Flashcards Kit
Price:- 310.00
Size:- 13cm x 10cm x 4cm
Weight:- 150gm 
99 CVC Phonic Flashcards Kit

 99 CVC Phonic Flashcards Kit :
A Vocabulary Base of Three Letter Words with Colourful Pictures :

Resource For : ELD, ESL and EFL (English Literacy Development, English as a Second Language, English as a Foreign Language) Grade Levels : Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Before you start with CVC words, Child must identify the letter names along with their sounds that they represents.

What are the CVC words (phonetic words) ?
CVC words are three letter words that follow a consonant /vowel / consonant pattern, eg. Cat, hot, tip, pen and hut. Phonics (i.e. decoding sounds) is a crucial components to learn reading. CVC words are considered the simplest phonic words to sound out for emerging readers to decode by blending the three sounds. Keep this kit on hand when you’re designing activities for your early reader. There isn’t a specific order to introduce the words. Once children have learnt to read a variety of CVC words, they move on to reading digraphs (two letters that make up one sound, e.g. ch, sh, th, wh etc.) and blends (e.g. tr, st, pl etc.) Children then move onto reading CCVC and CVCC words. The better they get at decoding (reading a written word out loud) the better they should get at encoding (spelling a spoken word on paper).

These cards are great for introducing, practicing and assessing phonic skills. Both side laminated, size approx. : 6x5.5 cm, packed in a plastic case. Size can be customized as per requirement.

99 CVC Phonic Flashcards Kit
Contents : Educational flash card chart,
Note : Colour & Specification of the contents are subjected to amendment.
Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 4 cm approx.
Innovated by : Param Enterprise
Country of origin : Proudly Made in India.
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customer care : +912812239628
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99 CVC Phonic Flashcards Kit
Price:-   310.00

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