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Handwriting Improvement Slate Tamil Alphabet
Price:- 40.00
Size:- 15.2cm x 19.3cm x 2.5mm
Weight:- 50gm 
Handwriting Improvement Slate Tamil Alphabet

  We at Param Enterprise based in Rajkot, Gujarat, India are leading manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier and dealer of Tamil Language Alphabet Consonants and Vowels Handwriting Improvement Slates. Handwriting Improvement Slate includes Tamil Consonnants and Vowels Latters with Numbers 1 to 10. Tamil Handwriting Improvement Slate is most useful to trace the letters with a stick, a pencil or an used ballpen. Writing Practice Slate can teaches shape of the Tamil Alphabet letters and numbers upto 10 Writing. Helps in improving fine motor skills. Barge Surekha slate is a permanent copy book for improving the handwriting. These Engraved Slates are best teaching aids for Tamil Alphabet Handwriting Improvement. These products are made of durable longlasting and flexible plastic material. You can purchase Tamil Script letters Handwriting Improvement Slate online here.

Using this Tamil Alphabet Writing Improvement slate will help children develop Tamil Handwriting skills while practicing letters. This Writing Practise Slate has the letters etched a few millimetres deep from the plane surface. Once the pencil is inserted then the handwriting will never go astray and the children will never write the wrong way. The grooves will ensure that they stay in the right direction and prevent straying away from the path. This Tamil writing practice Slate helps children write Tamil with greater accuracy. This Handwriting Improvement Slate can be substituted for Tamil Alphabet writing worksheets for preschooler or kindergarten.

Also available English Uppercase & lowercase Alphabet as well as Cursive Writing and other Language Handwriting Improvement Slates. Please search on this site for Those slates.

You can order and buy - shop online these Tamil Handwriting Improvement Slate here ! Actual colours may vary from the colours displayed on this site.

Handwriting Improvement Slate Tamil Alphabet
Price:-   40.00

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