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Herbarium of Cereals and Pulses
Price:- 650.00
Size:- 30cm x 45cm x 2cm
Weight:- 350gm 
Herbarium of Cereals and Pulses

 Herbarium of Cereals and Pulses

Introduction of basic seeds, KG to 5th grade
NCERT ENVIRONMENT Std.3 Chapter-6 Foods we eat, Std.5 Chapter-19. A seed tells a farmer’s story, Std.8 Ch-1. Crop production and management page-15
Application and Learning outcomes :
●  Great for teaching food & nutrition, crops.
●  Identification of Cereals and Pulses.
●  English as well as Hindi names of the seeds. 
●  Realistic experience of colour, shape and size.
● Introduces basic Indian grains to child.
Features : 
●  Resin embedded educational science specimens.
●  Unbreakable, can be preserved forever.
●  3D visual experience of the grains.
●  Handy and time saver for teacher.
Teaching aid for Food, Cereals and Pulses; Educational aid for crop, food and nutrition. Seed - grain, Cereals and Pulses specimen : showcase. Dimensions: 30 x 45 x 2 cm approx.

Herbarium of Cereals and Pulses
Price:-   650.00

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