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Number Flip Chart up to 99999
Price:- 299.00
Size:- 32cm x 17cm x 1.5cm
Weight:- 130gm 
Number Flip Chart up to 99999

 Number Flip Chart : up to 99999

A versatile tool for Maths, grade 2 to 5.
Application and Learning outcomes :
●  Identification of Numbers 0 to 99,999.
●  Finding Predecessor and successor Numbers. 
●  Great for teaching concept of place value.
●  Addition and subtraction activities.
●  Counting by ones, tens, hundreds, thousands.
Features : 
●  Enrichment of Activity Based Learning.
●  Makes learning Joyful and Collaborative.
●  Suitable for all, be it a class or an individual.
●  Perfect for a desk, this flip chart is made of
    sturdy, waterproof and tear-proof PVC board.
 Number Flip Chart up to 99999 : Place value chart up to ten thousands : Teaching aid for teaching place value up to ten thousands.
A spiral binding at the top allows you to flip over 5 sets of numbers 0-9. The place value is labelled below the numbers (ten thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens and ones) When flat, it measures about 32 x 17 x 1.5 cm and when upright it is about 13.5 cm tall. 5 sets of flip cards numbers 0-9 : card size: Approx. 9 x 5.1cm

Number Flip Chart up to 99999
Price:-   299.00

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