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Numbers Rubber Stamps 0 to 9 Dotted line set of 10
Price:- 400.00
Weight:- 120gm 
Numbers Rubber Stamps 0 to 9 Dotted line set of 10

  We at Param Enterprise based in Rajkot, Gujarat, India are the manufacturer, suppliers wholesaler of Rubber Stamps Kit - Numbers 0 to 9 Dotted line set of 10. This  Dot lined Numbers Stamps kit consist of 10 peices stamps of dotted line numbers 0 through 9 mounted on wooden handles is available packed in a plastic box. Stamp image size approximate : 3 x 3 cm. Each Number Stamp has print of the matching number on the wooden handle, so children can easily find the right one. These numbers rubber stamps are manufactured by imported polymer nylon material for sharp and clear impression. You can purchase  these Number Stamps with online shopping facility here. Also available red, green, black and violet Ink stamp Pads for your stamping needs.

Number Stamps kit set of 10 Can be used for,

(1) Prewriting and tracing activity tool : Numbers Rubber Stamps Kit 0 to 9 Dotted lines set of 10 is a prewriting tracing avtivity tool for preschoolers or elementary school kids. Pre-writing is learning the skills necessary to begin writing. Pre-writing is an important step because it teaches children the correct way to hold a pencil, how to use a good, firm grip, and emphasizes the use of fine motor skills. Pre-writing and tracing also helps children with the development of hand/eye coordination.

The age of your child will greatly affect what they should be tracing. For instance, children under the age of two should just be learning to hold a writing utensil and scribbling. This is because they are still developing the fine motor skills that are required for more complicated motions and are unable to control their movements. At the age of two, children may begin to practice tracing straight lines and perhaps even curves, as the control of their muscles increases. At three, they may begin to trace more difficult shapes. If they master this skill, they will then be ready to begin working on letters and numbers. All the letters are made up out of straight lines and circles or semi-circles. So it is the time when the role of this prewriting tracing tool Number Stamps with Dotted lines begins. Numbers Rubber Stamps Dotted lines are designed to help kids develop their fine motor skills and prepare for writing. These tracing stamps will keep kids busy tracing 0 to 10 number or even greater numbers up to 100. Just print these Dot to Dot Numbers Stampers on the worksheet and trace the dotted Numbers with crayons.

(2) One-to-one Correspondences and Counting Skills : One-to-One correspondence is a foundational math skill for preschoolers. Have the child compare / match / sort groups of objects and manipulatives e.g. candy sticks, sea shells etc into sets; then have him or her identify the number of items in each set / Have the child count objects aloud and express this number by printing the number stamp. You can do this activity vise versa. Using manipulatives alongside these number stamps child can  learn counting as well as develops hand and eye coordination skill for kindergarten.

(3)  Teaching and learning aid or activity tool for Identifying, recognition, visual discrimination, matching, conservation of number, seriation and tracing dot to dot numbers 1 to 10 with crayons for preschooler. With tracing activity the control of their muscles increases. Rubber Stamps are designed to help kids develop their fine motor skills and prepare for writing numbers. Just print these dot to dot numbers stampers on the worksheet and trace the number with crayons.

(4)  For Creating and developing flash cards of numbers 1 to 100 for primary or elemenary school.

 You can order and buy - shop online these dot to dot Numbers Rubber Stamps here!

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Numbers Rubber Stamps 0 to 9 Dotted line set of 10
Price:-   400.00

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