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Wheel of Tenses
Price:- 60.00
Size:- 12in x 12in
Weight:- 60gm 
Wheel of Tenses

We at Param Enterprise based in Rajkot, Gujarat, India are leading manufacturer and wholesaler of The  English Tenses Teaching Aids.

           Tenses are most vital  in grammar to indicate when the situation takes place. The Wheel of Tenses is one of the teaching aids to teach English Tenses. This tenses teaching aids is for all levels, It teaches all tenses in English without getting complicated. A simple teaching tool to learn each tense.  It is the most effective and handy aid to learn English grammar!

             The Wheel of Tenses is made of two laminated thick cardboard sheets, the first one having windows is circle shaped and second having printed sentences is square shaped. Spin the wheel and form sentences of different tenses. The windows show the sentences of relative tenses. It shows affirmative as well as interrogative sentence. Have fun!

Wheel of Tenses
Price:-   60.00

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