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 We are leading manufacture and supplier of Montessori material based in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. Montessori materials are roughly divided into 4 categories. 

  1. Practical life - these are materials and exercises to aid discipline, organisation, independence and self esteem through concentration on a precise and completed cycle of activity. Simple tasks which the child observes adults perform and wishes to imitate such as a low wash basin, a mirror to neaten one self, learning to polish shoes, tie laces etc.
  2. Sensorial - "materials designed to help the child's mind focus on some particular quality" (Maria Montessori - her life and work E.M standing) they expand the child's preparation by building on the order established through practical life. Red rods teach idea of length, cubes in the pink tower that of size etc.
  3. Academic materials - these teach language, writing, reading, math, geography and science and are a natural progression of the sensorial apparatus such as numerical rods, spindle box etc.
  4. Cultural and artistic materials - deal with self expression and the communication of ideas and are by necessity rooted in the child's culture and environment.

The materials Dr Montessori used are drawn partly from the materials used by Itard and Seguin, partly from objects used in psychological tests, and partly from the materials which were designed earlier in her own experimental work (Discovery of the child - Maria Montessori) All the equipment had to be fit for the children to use, in good quality, must not be broken or have pieces missing. Montessori equipment is attractive, well made and designed to prepare the child for future learning.

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