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Writing Boards and Display Boards

We at Param Enterprise based in Rajkot, Gujarat, India are leading manufacturer, wholesaler, dealer and supplier of Writing Boards and Display Boards.
            Writing Boards and display boards are most common fixtures at classrooms, schools, coaching classes, office, meeting rooms, conferences, hospitals, hotels and restaurants.

Writing Boards : There are mainly two type of Writing Boards.

1. Writing Whiteboards and

2. Writing Chalkboards

 Some advantages and disadvantages of whiteboards and chalkboards are as below.

  •   Chalk sticks produce lots of dust while markers does not. An allergy patient does matter! How ever dustless chalks is better option.
  •  Whiteboards can be used as projecting medium for projectors.
  •  A magnetic whiteboard can be used as  a notice board.
  •  Whiteboard marker requires special care, must be capped while it is not in use. It lasts for 3 to 4 weeks then dries out. Markers have pungent odor.

Display Boards : Display Boards are mainly four types.

1. Pin up Boards or bulletin boards: Posters, notices, charts, public messages and information are pinned using push pins / thumb pins. Boards are made of cork sheet or softboard sheets and are covered with felt, fabric or velvet.

2. Magnetic boards : Mostly magnetic whiteboards or magnetic chalkboards are used as magnetic display board.

3. Flannel Boards : A Plywood, MDF or Hardboard sheet covered with flannel fabric is called flannel board! Card board pieces having pasted sandpaper, flannel or velcro on the back side can be fix on the board. Hardboard jigsaw cuttings also works. A flannel board is must for elementary level classroom. It is used for storytelling, Math and language application.

4. Perforated boards : Perforated Boards is predrilled with evenly spaced holes. The holes are used to accept pegs of different size plastic letters and figures. It is also termed as menu board. Perforated display boards are mostly used at office, hotels, auditorium and public places.


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